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Why Veo?
Five Reasons It's Great Project Software
Why Veo?
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Veo Is Great For
Small Businesses
IT Projects
Professional PMs
VeoProject Synchronizes Your Team
Using The Internet
The Internet and VeoProject make it so much easier to organize your projects.
Connect your team and jumpstart project communications.
  • People on your project will have easy access to their tasks, the latest project plan, shared project files, issue trackers and other project information.
  • There is nothing to install or download.
  • All you need is a web browser and the Internet.
Learn more about how web-based VeoProject keeps your team organized.
VeoProject Is Uniquely Versatile
Configure our tool to your process- not the other way around. VeoProject is the most flexible and easily configurable solution available. It's built around a simple "collapse/expand spreadsheet" concept we call the "project document".
  • Wizards help you set up projects with one or more of the following project document templates: project plan, issue tracker, file manager, wiki, and more.
  • Start with our templates and then customize columns to manage exactly the concepts you want.
Watch a short video about our flexible, configurable approach.
VeoProject Drives Accountability
VeoProject helps project managers keep team members accountable with the following features:
  • Automated reminders make team members aware when a status update is due on an assigned task.
  • It's easy for team members to own status updates for their tasks: sign in or use email to post a status update in 30 seconds.
  • Automatic "What's News" emails keep team members up to date while minimizing email traffic.
Learn more about how VeoProject keeps your team accountable.
VeoProject Helps You Make Better Decisions
About Your Projects
What is coming due this week? What is overdue? Who owes me a status update? Who is over-allocated or behind? Understand what is going on in your projects using these VeoProject features:
  • Run custom or template reports across projects using the Dashboard module.
  • Effectively visualize project timelines using Gantt Charts.
  • Create high-level project views and dashboards.
Watch a short video about VeoProject Dashboards.
VeoProject Is Easy And Low Risk
VeoProject is simple to use as well as easy to setup and get started.
  • No hardware or software startup costs.
  • Free trial so you can evaluate effectively.
  • Low monthly subscription rates: no obligation and cancel at any time.
  • Import existing data easily from MS Project or *.csv files.
  • Export VeoProject data if you choose another solution.
  • Great support team to answer questions and get you started.
Learn more about how VeoProject keeps your project information secure on the Internet.
Watch a short video and see a project started in two minutes.