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VeoProject Connects With Twitter
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Tweet Your Project!
Drive instant awareness of your project's progress by automatically tweeting status updates posted on VeoProject tasks and issues.

By managing your project with a combination of VeoProject and Twitter you can:
Create a VeoProject online project plan or issue tracker to manage your project.
Use VeoProject to collect project status in one place for review and reporting.
Use Twitter to automatically communicate project status updates entered into VeoProject.
Watch a quick video about using VeoProject with Twitter
Twitter Integration Features
There are two ways to tweet your project's status:
1. Connect a project plan or issue tracker to a Twitter account.
    - Status updates entered on the project (by any user) will be tweeted.
2. Connect your VeoProject user to a Twitter account.
    - Status updates you enter (on any project) will be tweeted.
Enter a status update in VeoProject...
...and VeoProject will automatically create a tweet.
Experiment with VeoProject + Twitter
Does tweeting about your project improve your team's productivity? We think that it can.

We are trying to drive two principles that we believe are critical to managing projects collaboratively:
Task owners are responsible for keeping the whole team up to date on the status of their tasks.
Anyone on the team can quickly visualize the complete status of the project.

We think Twitter can be a great tool to help keep all project members aware of what is going on across their projects.

We'd love to hear what you think about Twitter and effective project management. Try out our Twitter integration and send us your thoughts using the "help" window in the VeoProject application.
Happy tweeting!