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Introduction and Overview
What is VeoProject? (3:01 minutes)

Our Sales Pitch
Why Veo? Our Big Idea (2:31 minutes)
Understand the Big Picture
The Project Dashboard (2:06 minutes)
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The "How To" Guide for Online Project Plans
At the core of VeoProject is the online project document that can be used to make project plans, spreadsheet-like issue trackers, shared todo lists, and many more useful project tools.

Click here to open an example project plan from our demo site (you'll have read-only access).

The Basics:
Share a Project Document (1:33 minutes)

Key Features:
Drag/Drop Gantt Charts (0:52 minutes)

Bells & Whistles:
Features on the Toolbar (0:00 minutes)
Configurable Columns (0:00 minutes)
Dependencies (0:00 minutes)
Creating Templates (0:00 minutes)
Export (0:00 minutes)