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Add VeoProject to your Salesforce.com subscription to effectively integrate powerful project management functionality with your salesforce automation.
Salesforce.com Integration Features
Access our comprehensive project management feature set within Salesforce.com.
VeoProject appears as a new tab in your existing Salesforce.com application.
Your existing Salesforce.com users will be imported as VeoProject users and resources.
Salesforce.com users will see tasks that are assigned to them in VeoProject display in their Salesforce.com My Tasks pane. Updates made to these tasks in Salesforce.com will automatically update the originating VeoProject project plan.
Salesforce.com Integration Requirements
VeoProject interacts with the Salesforce.com API. This requires that you have Salesforce.com Enterprise or Unlimited editions. You can use the Professional edition if the API is enabled.
You must purchase VeoProject Team Pro II or above (see subscription plans).
Salesforce.com Integration Free Trial
1. Click the above link and sign in to your Salesforce.com with an administrator account.
2. Step through the installation pages (this will take about 60 seconds).
3. Click your new VeoProject tab and start a new project!
This provides a 30 day trial with 5 available project documents. You will need to upgrade your VeoProject account to a subscription plan that includes Salesforce.com support after that time.
Uninstall VeoProject from Salesforce by clicking Setup | View Installed Packages.
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