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VeoProject Connects With Google Apps
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Send Tasks to Google Calendars and Link to Google Documents
Make VeoProject even more useful and easier to adopt by integrating with your existing Google Applications.

Google Calendar integration with VeoProject works like this:
First, create a VeoProject online project plan or issue tracker to manage your project.
Then, select a shared Google Calendar on which to place your tasks.
All the tasks for the specified project plan will appear on the shared calendar.
Updates to the shared calendar are reflected on the VeoProject plan.

Google Documents integration with VeoProject allows you to easily attach a link on a VeoProject task to one of your shared Google documents.

Watch a quick video about using VeoProject with Google Apps
Google Calendar Integration Screen Shots

First, click the Applications button and choose the shared calendar.

Then the tasks on your VeoProject plan...

...are linked to your shared Google Calendar.