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We've worked closely with our user community to make certain VeoProject has the right functionality to keep you on top of your project deliverables. Please review our feature list, take a tour of our key features, and contact us with questions or to set up a free web demo.
Features Available In All Subscription Plans
Configurable Project Document Templates
Collaboratively build project plans, issue trackers, meeting trackers, message logs, task lists, file sharers, team calendars, project homepages, and wiki pages.
Easy Sharing & Online Collaboration
Quickly make any project document available online to specific collaborators. Multiple collaborators can be simultaneously updating the same project document at the same time.
File Sharing
Attach a file of any type (i.e. doc, pdf, xls, ppt, mpp, jpg, etc.) to a task, issue or project.
Integration with Twitter
Tweet status updates to your tasks or issues.
Drag/Drop Gantt Charts
Notifications & Reminders
Configurable Cross-Project Reporting
Create, save, and share reports across projects using report templates or a custom query.
Email Integration
Send a project plan or issue list embedded directly in an email message. Have your reminders and notifications rolled into a single daily email. Quickly send email queries to collaborators about task/issue status.
Import from MS Project XML, or CSV. Export to CSV.
Task & Issue Dependencies
Advanced Inline Editing
Edit tasks/issues quickly and in context. Each project document (i.e. project plan, issue tracker, etc.) can manage up to 1000 items/rows with unlimited subitem depth.
Personal Task Lists
Task Linking and Embedding
Automated Follow Up & Team Status Updates
Inbound Email
Post a status update to a task/issue by sending an email.
Project Wikis
Calendar View
User Permissions & User Groups
Custom Branding
Create a custom site URL and display your company's logo prominently on every page.
Backup & Full Export
Audit Trail
Track every time a user views or edits a collaborative document.
Premium User Support
Rapid response to questions and issues. Free web-based training.