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Healthcare IT firm CareEvolution
implemented VeoProject to manage
client and internal projects:
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We are extremely committed to our customers! The majority of our new business comes from word-of-mouth referrals and your feedback drives our development roadmap. Please join us!

Who Uses VeoProject?

The VeoProject user community is a very diverse group. Here is a brief sketch:

  • Our users work in 47 US states and in dozens of countries across six continents*.
  • Our users work in teams ranging from a few co-workers up to hundreds of users in roles such as manager, individual contributor, client, and vendor.
  • Our top ten industries: information technology, marketing, non-profit services, government services, event planning, consulting, healthcare, construction, education, and finance.
*This map shows our worldwide customer distribution as of August 2009.
Created using Google Analytics.

What Our Customers Are Saying...
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"I have a far better sense of where everything stands now that I am using VeoProject. I'm confident important tasks are not falling through the cracks."
    - Jeremy Schneider, rentlinx.com
"I am impressed with your product's practical, no nonsense functionality - it works very well in the real world and in the middle of a hectic project in the middle of which I am relocating cities and working with people from three different locations. It is proving useful as well to allow transparency for a board of people wanting to keep a close eye on things."
    - Simon King, africasafe-t.com
"I am so impressed by your service and your product - well done!"
    - Nicolas Sauvage, open-plug.com
"VeoProject provides our consultants with a single tool that they use to maintain their personal todo lists, develop and communicate project plans, and organize and share files. Veoproject is easy to get started with and expands in its usefulness as we learn more. The “help” feature is phenomenal; we always get a thorough, accurate answer in an amazingly short time".
    - Kay Carmer, Manager of Professional Services, altametrics.com
"We have been using VeoProject as the management tool for a major Electronic Medical Record (EMR) conversion involving multiple sites and companies. Our EMR vendor was so impressed with it that they adopted it too. Veo is very simple to use when compared to many of the other offerings on the market, and is simply invaluable as a tool for keeping stakeholders up to date throughout the project. The ability to provide updates without logging in is really nice too."
    - Spencer Gear, Chief Systems Officer, Mosaic Community Services mosaicinc.com
"I've been looking at project management software for 2 years now, and I'm still in shock that I found an affordable, non-technical, user-friendly, and intuitive program that took just a few hours to customize and get up and running. The monthly cost is extremely reasonable for the amount of resource provided. Also, technical help has been available every step of the way at no charge. Most importantly, though, the program is easy to use, very customizable to suit my needs, and has already made communication easier after just a few days of implementation, using just a small part of the functionality that is available."
    - Steve Collins, Discoveries Cartouche, egyptianimports.com
"My team has people in about eight different locations (not including customers) and it is very difficult to keep tabs on everything and pull it all together. VeoProject makes it extremely easy for each team member to know what they are responsible for and saves me hours of lost time in status meetings. VeoProject is great!"
    - Jeff Sovel, GE Healthcare, med.ge.com
"I don't have a lot of time to 'manage' people. But I need them to get things done and keep me up to date with what is going on. I can keep tabs on everything using VeoProject. The fact that it is web-based and automatically sends out email reminders and updates makes it work better than any other system we've tried."
    - Nirav Shah, MD, University of Michigan Hospitals med.umich.edu
"Where did you come up with this idea of a "project document"? As far as I know, there is no better concept for creating a customized "project system" that implements our project process. I also think that your Gantt Charts are about the coolest thing I have seen in a web application."
    - Anders Wozlowski, Consultant
"After I got done organizing everything my development team does (using your plans, trackers and moving our internal wiki), I started using VeoProject to organize all the things I need to get done in the rest of my life."
    - Dan Ott, CareEvolution, Inc. careevolution.com
"When we starting working with a development team that is several time zones away I started to feel like too many handoffs were being missed. Now we track everything in VeoProject and things work just about as well as when we had everyone in the same office."
    - Steve Bardocz, Founder, Savance, Inc. savance.com